The new Wilmington might surprise you.

A vibrant city and host to some of the most prominent global businesses, Wilmingtonians enjoy culture, excitement, entertainment and views. Since the 20th century, Wilmington has undergone several revitalization efforts, and the city has a great deal to show for it.

An active group of city officials, local business owners, private developers and enthusiastic citizens have come together to create the renewed Wilmington we see today. From renovations to underused and abandoned properties to the increasing number of restaurants and entertainment venues in the Market Street area, Wilmington hasn’t just become a place to live; it’s a place to thrive.

Wilmington’s revitalization has primarily taken place in two crucial areas of the city: The Wilmington Riverfront and Wilmington’s historic Market Street.


Where there was once simply the ruins of a former industrial age, Wilmington’s Riverfront has been revitalized and its incredible beauty has been restored. With more than 800,000 feet of office space on the Riverfront, it serves as a business hub for Wilmington that serves as a welcome neighborhood for international visitors and major corporations. In the greater Philadelphia region, the Wilmington Riverfront is one of the most sought-after office locations.

The Riverfront also plays host to a multitude of restaurants and the Riverfront Market. It also has opportunities for taking in culture and arts, with the Delaware Theater Company and the Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts. If you’re more interested in sports, the Blue Rocks minor league baseball stadium is also right there!

Wilmington’s Market Street revitalization continues, and the corridor now boasts a spectrum of dining and entertainment options. The 10-block area of Lower Market Street, or LOMA, has been made into a stunning neighborhood with a major residential presence. Market Street finally is enjoying the activity it did a few centuries ago, and it’s only getting better.

Wilmington is a dynamic city that is enjoying growth and improvements everyday. But when it comes to keeping a balance of living, working and playing, Wilmington isn’t just another city; it’s a destination.

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Image: Wikipedia