Savory aromas float from out of the kitchen, hearty laughs echo from patrons at the bar, and the clink of glasses toasting the moment welcome you to Ernest & Scott Taproom.  Centrally located in the heart of downtown Wilmington, surrounded by the hustle and bustle of Market Street, Ernest & Scott Taproom is a wonderful place to spend a night out in Wilmington right next to The Residences at Rodney Square.

Whether you and a loved one are seeking  a fancy seafood dinner and a bottle of Argentine Malbec, or if you are hoping to enjoy some cocktails with friends, you will be amazed by the quality and variety the menu has to offer.  Named after the famous American authors, Hemingway and Fitzgerald, it is easy to get lost in the taproom’s ambience and feel like you are sipping from your lowball across the booth from one of the famous writers.

The brick columns, stacked oak barrels, and ornate crown molding make an immediate impression the moment you enter.   Take a seat at one of the cozy booths,  start off with some Amaretto-seared scallops, and let the fun begin!  Take the edge off your day with one of the various craft beers offered, a signature cocktail, or with a glass of wine.  Be sure to try some more of the enticing appetizers, and follow up with an original chef specialty, like the duck and pumpkin ravioli.

With elegant yet rugged interior design, attentive and outgoing staff, and delectable menu options, it’s difficult to not lose track of time and enjoy appetizer after appetizer, one cocktail after another until last call.

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Images: Delaware Today, Groupon