“Live More, Commute Less” is what you need to do in order to get the most out of your day, every day.   If you are fortunate enough to work in Wilmington, the Residences at Rodney Square, Christina Landing, and Justison Landing are all located within the heart of Wilmington’s commercial district.  We invite you to check out all of these properties from 10am to 5pm on Saturday, March 23rd.  For each property you visit, you will receive a ticket into a drawing for five movie tickets to the new Penn Cinema on the riverfront!  We should point out, though, the tickets are General Admission, not for the iMAX.  The more properties you visit the better your chances to win!


Everybody wishes that they had a little more time.  A twenty-fifth hour to do some chores, squeeze in a workout, or start reading a book would be nice, but everyone has priorities and responsibilities that fill up their daily schedule.  The one aspect of everybody’s day that takes up too much time, and does not return much benefit is commuting.   Some people listen to audio books, or make phone calls while they drive to work, others read the newspaper or text on the train.  What if you could get rid of commuting altogether?  Working from home is one option, but those kinds of jobs are few in number and usually offer very limited potential.  Another option is to live close to where you work!

Live More, Commute Less!  See you on Saturday, March 23rd!


Image: Flickr