Miles with Myles

My name is Myles Pollin and I am an intern. Wow. Feels good to get that off my chest. As you may or may not know, it is the year 2013 and in the modern (and postmodern) worlds of business working as an intern means a variety of different things. On one hand, interns pretty much work for free. On the other, interns pretty much don’t do any work. It’s a delicate balance. Not even Albert G. Einstein could count the hours an average intern spends creating the illusion of productivity, when in actuality said intern is probably just daydreaming. And I hear that guy could count pretty high.

I, however, am not your average intern. I’m a maverick, if you will. That is to say I am the Tom Cruise of interns. Old Tom Cruise, though. 90’s Cruise. Before he found the science of religion and stopped believing in both.

In a more literal sense, over the next several weeks I will become your guide to the great city known as Wilmington, Delaware (its friends just call it Wilmington). Although, I suppose I won’t be your literal guide so much as a figurative one. Or metaphorical, I’m not really sure there’s a difference. Spiritual? That can’t be right.

I will be your adorable guide to Delaware’s equivalent of a favorite child. That works. From magazine publishers to local food vendors, and whatever is in-between, I will stop at nothing to bring my soon-to-be loyal fan base the most complete guide to a Wilmington of fun. Sorry, I like puns.

So sit back, refresh your webpage, and then wait about a week for the first installment of Miles with Myles, the Internet’s newly declared greatest blog ever about Wilmington.

Coming soon to an office near you.

Maybe a cubicle if you’re not that important.