Some restaurants just know how to make you feel at home.

It starts with having caring service, but includes creating food that tastes comforting. The decor is probably cozy and inviting, and the clientele are cheery.

Fresh Thymes Café offers all that and more at its cozy corner restaurant in Wilmington.

Fresh Thymes

The restaurant serves up friendly, simple dishes made just right. And since the restaurant sources its food locally and organically, the menu is not fixed; it changes seasonally and based on what’s best today.

And that’s just one of many ways that Fresh Thymes is committed to sustainability and healthy living. As a vegan-friendly vegetarian restaurant, it serves up only the freshest ingredients and does good by the environment. With ample options for vegans, gluten-free diets and other dietary preferences, Fresh Thymes can accomodate for discerning palates.

What makes Fresh Thymes unique is its true neighborhood bistro atmosphere. And as it is only open for breakfast and lunch, you’ll be served up a delicious soup and sandwich or classic breakfast option – some of our favorite comfort foods.

This quirky shop has fun events throughout the week, including a “Soup For You” night that played off the famous Seinfeld episode’s “No soup for you!” Soup Nazi and served up delicious broths. Fresh Thymes hosts a brunch on the last Sunday of every month that are neighborhood favorites!

Find your way to Fresh Thymes Café and see what makes this place feel like home. And what’s better than having delicious, fresh, home-cooked, comforting food that you didn’t have to make yourself?

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Image: Mac and Cheese