At the heart of Wilmington’s cultural district is the Delaware Theatre Company, and it’s been a point of pride and international recognition for the city.

Since its founding in 1979, DTC has drawn over one million residents and visitors to see its more than 150 plays! DTC is a place where you might see a Hollywood celebrity acting in a straight play, or you might just get to see the next great Broadway actor playing a role in a Shakespeare classic.

And whether DTC is putting on a tried-and-true play by a legend or experimenting with a new playwright’s material and fostering a future for theatre lovers, it’s a place the community can trust is putting on an excellent and unique show.

Delaware Theatre Company

In addition to putting on great plays and drawing some of the best thespians in the country, DTC is committed to bring arts to the community and it particularly gives back through its Totally Awesome Kids program. This program invites students with disabilities to fall in love with the art of theatre and gain verbal, social and communications skills. In addition, DTC works with incarcerated teen boys through a partnership with the nearby Ferris School, a fellowship that allows these students an unmatched opportunity to participate in performances and express themselves through art.

Whether you come to DTC to see some excellent theatre or want to support its community outreach efforts, get to know this wonderful theatre company. Their love of art and its power for good are making a huge impact.

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Image: In Wilmington