Welcome readers, to the tri-annual coupon edition of this humble, yet life-changing blog. For years, you’ve been coming to Miles with Myles for all your bargain shopping needs-and for years we’ve been here for you. This year is no different-just slightly later in history.

Live Work Play Save

From the people behind the revolutionary LiveWorkPlay Wilmington initiative comes the radically innovative LiveWorkPlaySave initiative. The guy who comes up with names was off this week. According to my nonexistent FAQ, however, a lot of readers out there are wondering what, exactly, the addition of the word save adds to this initiative, other than four letters and an extra syllable. Well, curious readers, I have the answers you are looking for.

I swear the answers were around here somewhere.

Oh right, coupons! Coupons for every occasion! Coupons for restaurants. Coupons for beer. Coupons for other, different restaurants.

And so many more!

As both an intern and a student, I am also a poor person. Bums often offer me their spare change. Also, I bathe in a river. Needless to say, coupons are essential to my survival. Coupons and milk duds. But whether or not you and I are in similar circumstances (unlikely) these coupons are seriously fantastic.

Depending on where you live, there is a unique coupon site for you! These are also open to the public.

Christina Landing visit http://www.residentplaces.com/marketplace/206

Justison Landing visit http://www.residentplaces.com/marketplace/207

Rodney Square visit http://www.residentplaces.com/marketplace/208

LOMA visit http://www.residentplaces.com/marketplace/209


Start saving!

Or else.

Also, if you’re a local business owner and you would like to stop being cheap and offer your costumers similar great deals, please contact Rob Remus at rremus@residentplaces.com