Burgers. There is just nothing quite as American. Once the last of our forefathers courageously signed his name at the bottom of our infant nation’s Declaration of Independence, can you guess what was served at the after party? That’s right-burgers. Bacon cheeseburgers to be specific, because any other meal would have undoubtedly been viewed as treason.

Wilmington Burger Battle

Since that fateful summer afternoon, the America we all know and love has seen some serious stuff go down. The modern world is a vastly different place, due to extraordinary developments in technology and medicine, but mostly the invention of indoor plumbing. In 1914 the First World War nearly brought about the utter destruction of our planet. Then the sequel came along and was pretty much the same thing, only in a different setting-making it the Hangover II of international conflicts.

But for all that’s changed throughout America’s illustrious history, one constant remains: burgers are still incredibly tasty.

However, the question is not: Are burgers amazing? Science has proven, time and again, the answer is objectively yes. The real question one must ask is: Which burger is MOST amazing? It’s a question as old as time, but come August 24 we may just have our answer.

The Wilmington Burger Battle returns with entries from over 20 restaurants competing for the savagely under-dramatized title of Best Burger. Judges will gorge themselves over the course of the day, devouring burger after burger in an attempt to crown one the most delicious. I believe this is also the plot of the Hunger Games.

Order your tickets for this world-class event between now and August 2nd and save ten whole dollars you can then spend on more burgers. Whether you prefer rare or well done, with cheese or without, I have no doubt the perfect burger is here for you. Unless you want a veggie burger. Then you should just stay home. Maybe rethink some life choices.

Image http://wilmingtonburgerbattle.com/