I’ve put off writing this post for a few weeks now. Those readers who know me best are probably thinking, “Well, Myles, that’s because you’re lazy”. And you would definitely be correct. If I am anything other than undeniably handsome, I am certainly lazy. I have a gift for it. And if I’m going to be lazy, at least I’m the best at it.

But that’s not why it’s taken me so long to spend twenty minutes writing this. Okay, it’s part of it. But that’s not completely why. And it’s not because my bosses finally realized how little work I actually do between blog posts-because they haven’t. So don’t tell them.

The truth is, while I knew there was a story to be told, I had no idea where to start it. Or end it. I did plan on filling the middle section with gibberish, but that’s all I had.

So I decided to be honest.

Myles take on Wilmington, DE

Wilmington is not New York City. It’s not Los Angeles. It’s not Philadelphia. Heck, it’s not even Trenton. And that’s in New Jersey. Wilmington will probably never be one of the big time cities in the US. Honestly, that’s the best thing about it.

Wilmington is a city that feels like a neighborhood. It’s a community that just happens to be the size of a city. It’s a small town that grew up.

Wilmington was built, and continues to build itself, on this foundation. It’s a city of people who care about where they live. People who believe their hometown has the potential to provide all the benefits of living in a city like New York, with none of the trouble that comes with it.

These people believe in Wilmington.

There’s an organization here called The Ministry of Caring. Literally. The Ministry of Caring. That isn’t from an episode of Barney. It’s a real thing. I don’t even really know what they do (not a lot of research goes into these posts) but I can guarantee it’s just delightful.

And the Ministry is not alone. The Wilmington Renaissance Corporation is a collaboration between several businesses to revitalize the city they call home. Emmanuel Dining Hall does incredible work providing food and shelter for those less fortunate. This whole city is run by people who simply want to see it thrive.

These people believe in Wilmington.

Honestly, I still kind of don’t know what this post is about. I’m just inspired, really. I’m inspired the people who strive to make Wilmington a great place to live and work. I’m inspired by the people who have a vision for what this city can become, and work day in and day out to achieve that vision. I’m inspired by Wilmington itself.

These people believe in Wilmington.

I do too.