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Even the most discerning foodie craves unpretentious comfort food every now and then and Wilmington’s long-standing neighborhood eatery, Essex, is the place to find it—proving that simple food is sometimes the best food.

A hundred years from now when people are eating freeze-dried astronaut food and getting to work via flying cars, there will be a grandfather who will sit his grandchild upon his knee and reminisce about those long-gone good ol’ days and he will explain to the wide-eyed, curious little tyke how there used to be diners called greasy spoons that served food that wasn’t dehydrated or manufactured by NASA. That grandfather will describe Essex

Essex Breakfast

Essex is a Wilmington staple; the restaurant serves lunch as well but it’s famous for its breakfast. A short stack, bacon, sausage, and eggs are served up for about $6.00!! The restaurant is no-frills, old school at its best and its location straddles both the business district and the surrounding neighborhood and the diversity of its patrons reflects that. Essex is a place where a game of checkers is just as likely to break out as a heated stock market discussion. There is no pretense here; suited businessmen and neighborhood regulars are treated alike and there’s no frou-frou. You won’t find confit of anything, the menu does not refer to pancakes as gallettes, and thankfully nothing comes with an emulsion or foam.

It is food in its simplest form and that’s what makes it superbly delicious.

Essex Restaurant
219 W 8th St.
Wilmington, DE 19801

Image: Iris McCarthy

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