If you don’t currently live in the city of Wilmington, you are seriously going about this whole life thing all wrong. I don’t live in Wilmington and I hate myself for it. And you should too. Unless you’re a murderer or something, then Wilmington doesn’t want you. Though you should still probably hate yourself.

But for everyone reading this who does not have a violent or criminal past, you should totally move to the city once referred to as “America’s Treasure”. Even if “once” really means “just now”, that’s irrelevant.

The Residences at Rodney Square

And for everyone reading this who immediately thought, “Wow this stranger is absolutely right, I should move to Wilmington!” (Which I assume is all of you) then look no further then the luxurious Residences at Rodney Square. And know this, I don’t use the term luxurious willy-nilly. When I say it, I mean it.

Maybe I am a bit biased because I work for the company who owns the building, or maybe I am immune to bias and you should trust everything I tell you. I think you’ll find going with the second option greatly increases the chances I won’t haunt you in the afterlife.

So move to Wilmington as soon as possible, or pray I don’t become a vindictive ghost anytime in the near future. The choice is yours.