Fight Club is one of my all time favorite movies. I liked it so much I decided to read the book. And I don’t read anything. Literally. I don’t even read these blogs before I submit them-I just assume they’re gold. And I haven’t been wrong so far!

In addition to my love of Fight Club, I am also not afraid to admit my soft spot for puns. So when I was asked to write a blog about Chelsea Tavern’s Flight Club I just couldn’t resist, even when it forced me to take a break from my usual routine of “not doing any work for as long as possible”.

Chelsea Tavern


While Chelsea Tavern’s Flight Club unfortunately does not include any slightly depressed/fully psychotic men beating each other senseless, it more than makes up for this omission by being entirely about beer.

That’s right, each “flight” is a round a five different six-ounce craft beers (that’s 28 ounces if you’re bad at math!) giving participants the chance to taste a much wider variety of the beers available at the tavern. Also included in each flight are what their website calls “appetizers in the ‘underground’”. Admittedly, I have no idea what this means but I’ll take a round of beer and appetizers for just $10 any day. The deal is only available Tuesdays, so they don’t offer it any day-but I’d still certainly take it.

Attend four flights and become an official member of the club. That’s five six-ounce beers on four occasions (or 150 ounces of beer if you’re somehow getting worse at math). Becoming a member comes with some pretty sweet perks including a personal mug, 20% off beer, and beer specials everyday. I assume these specials aren’t available to everyone, as that would kind of defeat the purpose.

I’ll be honest, while this all sounds awesome, I still don’t exactly understand the pun (not sure how either the movie Fight Club or a word describing aviations relate to beer deals in anyway) but I love the decision to reference a movie I love, and I also love beer. So everybody wins. Or I win three times. Both are fine with me.

Now if the club hooked me up with beer specials and free bars of soap, the pun would be much more applicable. And I’d finally be able to wash myself. Oh well.