They say the best things in life are free. One interpretation of this opinion-disguised-as-philosophy is that the best things found in life can’t be obtained with wealth. That the richest people are those rich in character, or whatever. It’s essentially a blatant rip off of “money can’t buy happiness”. This interpretation, however, is wrong. The true meaning behind this phrase is simple: the best things in life are things you usually have to pay for but now are free, for whatever reason. The reason isn’t very important.

The Taste of the Riverfront 2013


By that logic, the second annual Taste of the Riverfront extravaganza is pretty much the greatest thing to ever happen to humanity. Not only is admission to the event completely free of charge, so is everything else involved throughout the day. There will be free live music, free food provided by local restaurants, even a free movie. The activities are free. The tours are free. I can only assume they’ll be giving out free money to anyone who asks.

The Taste of the Riverfront will be going down this September 14th from 3-10 pm. I’ve received word you don’t even have to really taste any of the river, surprisingly enough. Come out and party it up with the rest of Wilmington or write a ten-page essay explaining exactly why you hate free things. Those are officially your only options.