You may question whether studio living is right for you or not… here are 7 reasons why studio living is amazing! Sometimes less is really more!

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1. You are “going green” without having to do anything! Your carbon footprint is much smaller when living in a smaller space.

2. Less to clean! Studios are low maintenance!

3. Minimalism is the trend for 2013.  Just ask Joshua Becker from

4. There is less mess and less clutter when you have a smaller space. Not to mention, you are less likely to accumulate things you don’t need!

5. Studios are much less expensive than full-sized apartments.

6. You’ll have more free time! With less to clean and accumulate, you’ll have time for fun activities. If you live at The Residences at Rodney Square, you can enjoy all of their amazing amenities!

7. More social options. This is especially true if you live at The Residences at Rodney Square..there is a ton of amazing restaurants nearby and the Wilmington Riverfront is a short walk away!