With fall comes the start of holiday decorating. Your Wilmington apartment is the perfect place to begin adding your favorite autumn touch. Choose from these fall inspired centerpieces to add to your kitchentable and dining room.

fall fruits

Image Source: Better Homes and Gardens

A fruit bowl is a decoration you can use all year long. Choose a dark or maple wood bowl to distinguish the fall season. Add autumn fruits and vegatables like pears, pumpkins and squash. The colors from these fruits will help add the warm feel your centerpiece desires.


Image Source: Decor For The Holidays

Candy corn is a key symbol for Halloween and the fall season. Depending on what size glass vase you choose, purchase a few bags of candy corn, Indian corn and pumpkin shaped candy corns. Try not to eat them all as you fill your vase. Add flowers, pumpkins or bark to the top of your vase for a finished look. If you are in love with candy corn alone, place an empty paper towel tube in the center of your vase, pouring candy corn around it. This will give the vase a fuller look.


Image Source: Sandra Lyn at Home

White pumpkins are the trendiest decoration to add this fall. Place them on the table by themselves or add contrasting elements. Both dark and bright colors like woods and oranges help these white pumpkins stand out. You can add a few or just one, this decor is strong enough to stand on it’s own. If find yourself falling in love with this white idea as much as we have, be sure to grab your favorite white pumpkins early, they will sell out.