Wilmington, Delaware has seen its fair share of history in the making moments these past few years. Innovative ideas in the way of fall festivities, trendy little art shops, and cultural hotspots like Live Work Play are only the beginning – restaurants are making themselves over in a variety of ways as well. Some restaurants are introducing new dishes, décor and accommodations in an attempt to please hungry pedestrians. Others are taking a meals-on-wheels approach. Wilmington residents have a lot to look forward to as the food truck trend comes barreling towards the city, full speed ahead.

Tacos, falafels and espressos are going mobile on the downtown streets of Wilmington. Vendors park their trucks in front of historical buildings, train station, colleges and museums. They offer a wide variety of mouth watering breakfast, lunch and brunch options. Some of these food trucks are new and exciting. Others are already established. Here is a quick look at the best Wilmington has to offer in the way of food truck choices.

I Don’t Give a Fork
This truck definitely had humble beginnings – it was started by a group of hungry college students! They must have had brunch on the brain because that’s what they’re serving. Menu choices have unique names like Wake and Bacon, which suggests a get up and go attitude. Foodies describe this truck as serving the “ultimate hangover food” and their prices are surprisingly affordable. You can catch this truck in front of college campuses all over Delaware, including Wilmington University. Their most popular dish is the Philly inspired Mac and Cheesesteak which features homemade macaroni and lightly fried onions. Their menu also boasts a huge section dedicated to vegan and vegetarian dishes.

Live Work Play Blog highlights some of Wilmington, Delaware's best local food trucks.

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Java Puppy Mobile Espresso/Coffee Truck
Their name is a mouthful and so is their coffee! They pride themselves on vegan-friendly cuisine which features soy and almond based coffee alternatives. Their autumn brew, The Pumpkin Spice Latte, is a non-dairy delight for the health conscious coffee lover. This truck is the perfect way to warm up on a cool autumn day. They offer hot chocolate and chai tea in addition to coffee, and are also available for catering.

Live Work Play Blog of Wilmington, Delaware highlights local mobile coffee truck, Java Puppy

Image: Newark Post

KOI On The Go
Remarkable Thai cuisine with exotic flavors has arrived in the form of Wilmington’s newest food truck addition. The menu is unique, the presentation is gorgeous, and the meals that come out of this truck are truly snapshot worthy. They taste every bit as good as they look! The secret is fresh from the farmer’s market fish and produce and the result is tasty Thai food on the go.

Tai cuisine food truck, Koi On The Go, is one of Wilmington Delaware's top food trucks highlighted on the Live Work Play Blog.

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Whether your pleasure is Thai or Chai, Wilmington’s food truck scene has a lot to offer. As this city progresses, you should expect to see more and more food trucks making that trip downtown. After all, the way to the heart of the city is often through the stomach.