Giving back to the community is a highly regarded tradition in the Greater Wilmington area. There is no shortage of charity coming in from local companies. Small businesses and large conglomerates alike are falling into the fundraising fold. The trend of bestowing funds and developing strong community ties grows larger each year. Here are five of the most charitable businesses in Wilmington, Delaware and a short description of the ways they are channeling positivity.

The Delaware Children’s Theatre

Number Five: Christina Cultural Arts Center
The Christina Cultural Arts Center encourages self confidence and individuality in Wilmington children, adolescents and teens through inspirational creative arts performances. The Arts center, located on 705 North Market Street, is the largest non profit company in the area. Less than one third of its revenue is received through fees. The bulk of the funding is raised in donations. The Christina Cultural Arts Center is a government sponsored foundation that provides Wilmington youths with a sense of pride in themselves and their flourishing community.

Number Four: The Delaware Children’s Theatre
This tiny theatre company has been providing affordable, family oriented entertainment to Delaware residents for more than 40 years. Their fundraising efforts are always delivered in the form of an entertaining show. This year, their annual fundraising event will feature the lovable orphan Annie. Ticket proceeds will go toward the production of future presentations such as the Wizard of Oz, Aladdin and Sleeping Beauty.

Number Three: TD Bank
TD Bank sponsors many fundraising events in Wilmington Delaware. Most recently, their sponsorship of the Wilmington Special Olympics has aided in the fundraising of more than $130,000. The Special Olympics will take place in Wilmington in May of 2014. This delightful race to the finish line does more than raise money. It also raises awareness for people with special needs. Even more importantly, it raises their spirits.

Number Two: Union City Grille
Union City Grille, located on 8th and Union Street in Wilmington, is making an enormous impact with its 52 charities in 52 weeks fundraising effort. For the next 52 weeks, 12% of all bar proceeds will be given back in donations to local charities. Charitable dinner packages can be purchased each Monday night and patrons have the ability to select a charity of their choice from the restaurant’s voluminous list.

Number One: The Wilmington Fire Department
Charity comes in many forms. Many of the Wilmington firefighters are volunteers who put their lives on the line in order to provide a safe environment for residents to enjoy.

With the upcoming holiday season in mind, many businesses in Wilmington maintain the perspective that it is better to give than to receive. These businesses are giving back in a big way. Whether they choose to save lives, raise money, or simply raise people’s spirits, they each deserve a special recognition for their efforts. Be sure to stay close to your Live Work Play residence and shop to support charity this season!