World renowned sculptor Andre Harvey has found a home for his one of a kind displays right here at 101 Stone Block Row in Wilmington, Delaware. His timeless bronze sculpture collection leaves much to behold in the wide open space that overlooks the Brandywine River. The lush, rural atmosphere that surrounds the stone gallery is a stunning contrast compared to the bustling city a few blocks down. Much like the studio housing his works, Andre himself sculpts a natural landscape so lifelike that the onlooker is instantly transported to a new and interesting place.

Andre Harvey Studio

Andre Harvey began his career as a sculptor at the age of 27 after traveling through Europe, France and Morocco. He is most famous for having an eye for detail and a realistic approach to art. He has chiseled quite a number of wildlife models that could, at first glance, be mistaken for actual animals. His artwork is not only captivating; it is also accurate and overwhelmingly true to life. In a world full of abstract, sometimes incomprehensible art, this realistic approach is a breath of fresh air.

From life-sized statues to moving sculptures, Andre Harvey has taken on the world. Selected public collections from this master craftsman are currently on display in New York, Michigan, Indiana, London and Italy to name a few. While his hand chiseled creations certainly garner global appeal, his largest and most prized collection is the one he keeps at home in Wilmington.

If the breathtaking landscape surrounding the large gallery isn’t enough to peek your interest, Andre’s knack for capturing the wild spirit certainly will be. He works closely with biologists and wildlife specialists in order to create his life-like and often life-sized sculptures. The Andre Harvey Studio is a place where wild beasts and soaring eagles are molded into gold, bronze, granite and concrete figures. His attention to detail has propelled his career and earned him global recognition in a matter of decades. He is the recipient of many awards, including the Nation Sculpture Society’s Joel Meissner Award and the Tallix Foundry Award.

The Andre Harvey Studio is located on the second floor of the stone institution on 101 Stone Block Row. The view from the gallery is awe-inspiring. The cascading falls, the soft rippling streams, all of the wonders along the Brandywine River, including the Andre Harvey Studio, are just a few minutes away from the Live, Work, Play community.