A trip to the Brandywine Riverfront in Wilmington, Delaware is a spectacular journey all by itself. Strolling past the Chase Center on a breezy afternoon and taking in the assortment of foliage, rolling tides and historical sites is quite a fulfilling experience. When you add to that the illuminated fountains, decorative gardens and cozy little eateries, it’s almost too good to be true. There’s only thing that tops a day trip to the Wilmington Riverfront. That would be a day trip to the Wilmington Riverfront combined with the ultimate movie watching experience. Wilmington now proudly presents Penn Cinema, the riverfront theatre that specializes in IMAX viewing.


If you’ve never witnessed your favorite movie played out on a big screen in IMAX super vision, you have deprived yourself of one of life’s small but rewarding treasures. The stunning visual impact of an IMAX film surpasses the quality of average digital projections by a landslide. The end result is a breathtaking visual indulgence with remarkably realistic effects.

It is not uncommon to witness people travel hundreds of miles to an IMAX theatre in order to watch their favorite characters jump a little higher, stand a little taller, and appear in front of them with undeniable realness. For Live, Work, Play residents, that journey is just a few streets away at Penn Cinema. The movie projecting marvel overlooks the rolling river, making it a romantic date location that is equally ideal for family outings. What’s more is that this theatre focuses on the art of film, offering features that might not be available in other movie theatres.

Each Monday for the next few months, Penn Cinema will be rolling throwback films in honor of some of the greatest directors of all time. Movie goers can purchase popcorn and take a seat in front of the big screen to enjoy classics like The Godfather, Taxi Driver and Titanic. The Metropolitan Opera will also make its debut on the Riverfront via an HD spectacle with highlights from the show. The all new Thor movie entitled The Dark World will be available for 3 dimensional iMax viewing as will the highly anticipated Hunger Games sequel.

The Penn Center is one of many reasons to visit Wilmington’s gorgeous riverfront. There are many other attractions along the Brandywine that are also on the list of must see sites. Live, Work, Play is conveniently located a few streets away from this bustling waterfront getaway where movies are vivid and memories are waiting to be made.