When it comes to working out, there are plenty of gyms to choose from within a few miles of Live, Work, Play. Each gym specializes in a different area of fitness. Some are boxing and training gyms, while others are exclusive women’s clubs. Yoga studios and swimming facilities are plentiful. The abundance of local neighborhood gyms gives fitness fans the freedom to choose the gym that fits best into their lifestyle. Since each of these gyms is conveniently located nearby, jogging to your workout facility might become part of your routine. Below is a list of some of the most notable gyms Wilmington has to offer.


CrossFit on the Riverfront (which is just blocks away from Live, Work, Play) offers a unique approach to body sculpting and midsection chiseling. Their groundbreaking workout method is aimed at providing clients with the necessary tools to recognize the strength of their own bodies. They incorporate yoga with weight lifting and rope climbing so that each routine is a different experience for the body builder. Their certified team of coaches expertly combines sport science, functional fitness and body weight mechanics to help clients maximize their weight lifting potential.

Planet Fitness is a hot spot with low membership fees and an exciting program that allows you to bring a guest to the gym with you. Their mission is to provide exercise enthusiasts with a judgment free space that promotes health, fitness and safety. Their state of the art workout equipment is amazingly easy to use and their facility is clean, well lit and impeccably maintained.

Anytime Fitness, located at 1851 Marsh Road is a 24 hour gym which makes it a great option for working out on the go. Their gym is equipped with a 24 hour tanning salon so you can conveniently turn two trips into one. Membership at Anytime Fitness will give you access to their online Anytime Health site which includes a diet tracker, calorie counter and virtual health coach who will walk you through the steps of balancing diet with exercise in order to achieve your body building goals.

There are over 22 gyms in Wilmington, Delaware, all within a few miles of the Live, Work, Play community. Curves for Women on Silverside Road is a note worthy female gym where women are encouraged to feel the burn as calories are worked off. The Knockout Sports Club at 1319 McKennan’s Church Road caters to sports minded individuals. Whatever your workout fancy, Wilmington Delaware has a gym for you.