The holiday season is a joyful time in the beautiful city of Wilmington, Delaware. Carolers stroll through the city streets and Santa makes surprise visits all over town. Amidst the hustle and bustle of shopping, decorating and taking in the seasonal sights, it is easy to find yourself scrutinizing an elaborate list of loved ones you’ve yet to find the perfect present for.

Last Minute Shopping 2

Last minute shoppers have nothing to fear, for Wilmington is chock full of convenient destinations where spur of the moment treasures are right at your fingertips. This holiday season, Live, Work, Play residents are free to enjoy the convenience of extended store hours, extended Christmas sales and a surplus of holiday help. Here are a few of your favorite stores that are leaving their doors open later and unlocking their entrances earlier in lieu of the spirit of Christmas.

#1: The Concord Mall

The Concord Mall in Wilmington, which houses stores like H&M, Kitchen Kapers, Hollister and The Children’s Place, in addition to a number of independent vendors, will remain open from 8 a.m. until 11 p.m. all the way up until December 23rd. This popular shopping mall is conveniently located next to both Barnes and Noble and an Ulta Superstore. Taking a trip to the Concord Mall could easily fulfill all of your shopping needs in one simple stop. Everything from books to sneakers to decorative candles will stay on display and sales are extended as well. As an added convenience, Santa himself will make his appearance right in the center of the mall to greet children and toddlers in a whimsical wonderland setting. The Concord Mall will even be open on Christmas Eve, for the latest of the last minute gifters.

#2: Brandywine Town Center

Just minutes from the Concord Mall, lies yet another convenient slew of festive stores all clustered together. The Brandywine Town Center is a strip mall which proudly boasts popular stores such as Lowe’s, Target and Michael’s. Arts and crafts, clothing and hardware can all be purchased at this convenient location. Target’s holiday schedule is nothing less than a small Christmas miracle for last minute shoppers. For the remainder of the holiday season, their doors will open promptly at 8 a.m. and the shopping won’t come to a close until midnight, except on Sundays when they close just an hour earlier. The Brandywine Town Center is the perfect location to do some last minute shopping and catch a late night movie.

#3: Walgreens

This convenience store definitely lives up to its name. All sorts of last minute goodies can be found right on North Market Street at Walgreens. Everything from cameras to candles to bath and body item adorn the shelves of this store. Holiday savings range from 15 % to 50%, so last minute shoppers can splurge and save both online and in person.

Last minute shopping is simplified in the Live, Work, Play Wilmington community. The surplus of local shops with extended holiday hours is certain to keep the season bright.