The citizens of Wilmington, Delaware are keeping the holiday spirit alive all the way into the New Year. As the season comes to a close, the festivities continue on and the magnificent winter wonderland provides the perfect snow capped backdrop to some of the most brilliant seasonal festivities yet. For the merriest of moments and the most joyous of celebrations, Live, Work, Play residents need nothing more than an open heart and a wondering eye to partake in the merriment.

Hagley Museum and Library

Image: Hagley Museum and Library

Holidays at the Hagley Museum will continue well into early January, with light shows and presents for all to enjoy. On January 6th, 2014, the Hagley will be extending a warm invitation to visitors to enjoy the final night of their Twelfth Night Celebration, which consists of hands on arts and crafts activities while paying tribute to Twelfth Night customs. Visitors can expect to discover a newfound passion for traditional customs such as King Cake and spiced cider. This celebration begins on the 4th of January; however, the January 6th program offers free admission to late comers who wish to witness the royal event. Hagley Museum will also be holding holiday brunches and elegant evening tours in their masterfully decorated mansion from now into January.

The Inn at Montchanin Village is a festively furnished hotel that provides the perfect romantic getaway while adding a touch of seasonal joy. This intimate Wilmington hotel is a one of a kind historical site featuring 11 restored buildings dating as far back as 1799. They also offer a wide selection of restaurants that specialize in catering to all of your winter event needs. Spending New Year’s Day in this enchanting little enclave is a relaxing way to end the season on a spirited note.

Another event that deserves a special mention for hosting more holiday cheer is the Centennial Tea Service taking place in Hotel DuPont’s famous Green Room. This event will feature the lovable Nutcracker and other Christmas favorites. The DuPont is also offering a Longwood Gardens Christmas Club package from November 28th until January 12th.

The spirit of Christmas is alive and well in the Live, Work, Play community and Wilmington’s seasonal calendar promises more and more cheer. As the New Year approaches, the holiday happenings spill over into 2014. Then of course, there’s the New Year’s calendar, which is already underway.