Wilmington’s own Grand Opera House has quite the eye for new talent. Live, Work, Play residents can look forward to groundbreaking musical performances this season, beginning with the newly trending group Straight No Chaser. Anyone seeking an earful of something unique will thoroughly enjoy the styling of the all male acapella group that recently signed a major label record deal due to the success of a 2006 You Tube video that garnered mass appeal. If you are not already one of their 16 million strong fans, have no fear. Tickets for their upcoming May appearance start at just $45 in Wilmington and they don’t get much more expensive than that.

Straight No Chaser

Image: Straight No Chaser

Music lovers who have never been to a Straight No Chaser performance can expect to hear unique renditions of their favorite 90s hits mixed in with original material. The collegiate crew has released eight original albums and their latest effort, the Under the Influence Holiday Edition features stars ranging from Cee-Lo Green to Paul McCartney. Their appearance at The Grand Opera House will be in the form of a Sunday matinee beginning at 2 p.m. with no definite end time listed. The 36 hour dance marathon that attributed to their success might give audiences an idea of exactly how long they can keep the hits coming. This is not the average dry performance you might be imagining when you envision an acapella group. These college crooners are lively, animated and energetic when they take the stage, producing hours of high quality entertainment.

Straight No Chaser is just one of the many talented groups scheduled to turn up in The Grand Opera House in upcoming months. Michael Bolton and the Spanish Harlem Orchestra will be in town in late January and the list of notable performers is certain to grow longer as the winter weather turns to spring. The Grand Opera house is just a few minutes away from your Live, Work, Play abode so be on the lookout for future performers of all walks of life as they make their way through your back yard. Other events that will take place at the venue include the weekly Wednesday evening Sunset Jazz Series and Musikarmageddon. For a detailed view of the Grand Opera House’s spring calendar, contact a Live, Work, Play representative at your convenience.