An amazing Wilmington getaway is just minutes from your Live, Work, Play home and as the frost begins to thaw, many more exciting destinations will turn into ideal day trips. Alapocas Run State Park has a little bit of something for everyone from art lovers to outdoorsmen. Their never ending list of activities grows longer each year. This beautiful state run park specializes in indoor and outdoor recreation. Whether you choose to walk, run, climb, or bike through the nature driven landscape, you’re certain to have a great time doing so.

Alpocas Run

Historical significance and artistic excellence come together in the perfect blend at The Blue Ball Barn, located within the majestic acreage of Alapocas. This 1914 reconstructed barn houses a collection of Delaware folk art that is the first of its kind. Live, Work, Play residents can tour the space year round and even consider renting the barn for an upcoming event.

Travelling further down the winding trails, parents will be delighted to encounter a one of a kind interactive playground designed to be wheelchair and handicap accessible. This playground caters to children with and without disabilities, encouraging community support through unity. Tiny tots can ride interactive swing sets and glide down wheelchair accessible sliding boards. The boundless playground sports 27,000 square feet of space for small children to tumble around in.

If your day trip demands more romance than child friendliness, Alapocas serves just as well on date night. You and your special someone can stroll down Mother Nature’s trails, take in the sites of Alapocas Museum, and fall in love under the moonlit picnic pavilion.  Daring first daters can try their hands at a rock climbing competition using Alapocas top roping or rappelling techniques. After the rock climbing adrenaline rush, park goers can wind down in one of the many restaurants along the Brandywine River. The Brandywine River Museum Café is a nearby eatery that specializes in $10 brunches for you and that special someone.

Alapocas Run was voted by park goers as one of the top spots for a variety of recreational activities. As spring ventures into Wilmington, the botanical pathways of Alapocas Run will blossom once more, but this park provides year round beauty and a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities to choose from. Be on the lookout for upcoming spring and summer programs sponsored by state park officials. For a list of featured Alopocas programs and events, contact a Live, Work, Play representative.