Our staff is extending a personal invitation to all Justison Landing residents to join us in an evening of entertainment. This is an event we have put together to help you settle in, and this exclusive affair is a great way to meet your neighbors, participate in community activities, and familiarize yourself with our proud sponsor, The Delaware Sports League. Here at The Residences at Justison Landing, we firmly believe in building a health driven, fitness wise environment, and The Delaware Sports League is stopping through to support that goal.

The Residences at Justison Landing

This resident-only gathering will take place right here at in your community on the evening of Wednesday, February 19th. We understand that the winter weather is raging and we are gearing up to make our interior even warmer and more inviting for the season. Our residents can feel free to huddle in and break a sweat with The Delaware Sports League or relax and enjoy a cocktail with a new neighbor.

Our Welcome Home Happy Hour is scheduled to commence at 4:30 p.m. and the event will continue until 7 pm. The activities available on-site are certain to provide hours of entertainment, but with your attendance comes another little gift from us, the opportunity to play with The Delaware Sports League for free. Residents who are familiar with The Delaware Sports League know that this bonus has a $50 value, which is all part of our warm welcome package.

The Residences at Justison Landing is a pet friendly establishment, so feel free to bring your fluffy playmate along. This way, the whole family can meet, greet, and possibly build new, lasting friendships. If you’ve already familiarized yourself with your neighbors and their pets, our VIP cocktail party is still a great way to make new memories with people you’ve already grown close to. It is also an ideal place to meet our knowledgeable staff.

Here at The Residences at Justison Landing, we pride ourselves on design, not just in the home but also in the heart. We believe that community events promote a healthy atmosphere for our residents, and we encourage you to check our site periodically for more listing of cocktail parties, residential gatherings and perks associated with living in The Residences. For information pertaining to the upcoming Happy Hour happening in your home, contact a Live, Work, Play representative.