Planning the perfect day trip is easy with the Wilmington Riverfront just a few steps away from your Live, Work, Play or nearby Wilmington, DE home. The Wilmington Riverfront is the latest in a string of Wilmington developments designed to cater to your every whim. Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation or romance, the shops, venues and restaurants shining brightly alongside the Christina River can provide you with a custom escapade. Below are just a few different types of day trips that can easily take place on the Riverfront!


Image: Familypedia

Daytrip One: Romantic

With cupid’s favorite holiday heading into town, potential soul mates can stroll through the gardens of Tubman-Garrett Riverfront Park and watch the sunrise over the stream. Rather than the usual dinner and a movie, couples can add a subtle twist to date night by opting for lunch at Ubon, a Thai fusion restaurant with an eye for contemporary detail, and tickets to see the latest classic live at the Delaware Theatre Company. Once the sun goes down and the street lights are aglow, you and your special someone can take a tour of the Kalmar Nyckel, an awe inspiring ship replica with tons of romantic potential.

Daytrip Two: Family Friendly

There’s plenty of family fun to be had on the Riverfront too. Starting the trip with a visit to the Delaware Children’s Museum is a great way to inspire the youngsters and appeal to their active imaginations. Children and adults can partake in a wide variety of interactive exhibits, making this museum a trip all by itself. If you would prefer to make multiple stops along the way, Molly’s serves old fashioned ice cream seven days a week. The Riverfront also sports an iMax theatre and a rowing center run by a nonprofit youth oriented organization. You could also try a museum trip that starts at the Delaware Children’s Museum and ends at The Delaware Sports Museum, positioning a visit to the Delaware Center for Contemporary Arts somewhere in the middle.

Daytrip Three: Adventurous

The docks at the Wilmington Riverfront are packed with thrills for the adventure seekers of Live, Work, Play. If you’re not quite sure where your adventure should begin, simply catch a ride on the River Taxi and stop at each of the six exciting locations. You never know where you might wind up when you start at the Wilmington Riverfront, but your daytrip is certain to be full of excitement.

There are many more daytrips just waiting to unfold at the Wilmington Riverfront just outside your door. For a list of festivities scheduled to take place on the waterfront in upcoming months, contact us at Live, Work, Play.