Promoting a healthy lifestyle is all in a day’s work in the Live, Work, Play community. The Wilmington tradition has always been grounded in unity, creativity, and action. The Delaware Sports League combines these three aspects and a little something more to present a fitness-inspired, family-friendly atmosphere in the form of a recreational venue. The Delaware Sports League, known to Delawareans as DSL, is a place for Wilmington athletes to gather and partake in sports-oriented activities.


The Delaware Sports League is all about teamwork and they offer many rewarding social activities centered around that aspect of sportsmanship. Some of the many team sports you can sign up for include kickball, dodge ball, bowling and field hockey. Registration begins at the start of each season, so if you fall behind, you will always have the opportunity to try again in a few months. This seasonal registration process also offers participants the opportunity to try their hand at many different sports or focus in on one particular game. The platform is consistent, so the opportunities are endless.

In addition to the numerous sporting activities members can engage in, The Delaware Sports League also sporadically hosts community events. This season, Live, Work, Play residents can sign up with The Delaware Sports League and participate in community tailgating and skiing events in a safe and friendly environment. The Delaware Sports League also offers the opportunity for wine and beer connoisseurs to engage in a class that teaches the tricks to the brewing and bar tending trade.


The Delaware Sports League is sponsored by Bud Light, TD Bank, and many local businesses. Their goal of promoting health, fitness, and awareness in Delaware takes place both on and off the playing field. The Delaware Sports League avidly promotes the Delaware quit line for smokers who wish to rid themselves of the habit. Their concern for the well being of Wilmington residents is evident in the many activities they endorse and the overwhelming community support behind this organization is proof that they are taking steps in the right direction.

There are many gyms and social gathering places in the vast city of Wilmington, Delaware, but The Delaware Sports League has managed to combine aspects from both into one venue. Private and public rental space is available and discounted membership sales take place at the beginning of each season. To learn more about joining a Delaware Sports League team or renting a recreational space, call us at Live, Work, Play.

Images: Delaware Today, Delaware Sports League on Facebook