The frozen ponds and dangling icicles of winter are slowly melting away as the warm sun shines triumphantly over the city once more. Wilmington, the bustling hub strategically positioned along the edge of the Brandywine River, has brightened up for the season and spring 2014 promises to be greener than ever. Live, Work, Play residents who view the earth with a “don’t tread on me” mentality can go green too. There are plenty of local, eco friendly shopping options that can help to significantly reduce your carbon footprint. Here’s the earth friendly scoop on your city.

Delaware Center for Horticulture

Image: Flickr

Lincoln Square was constructed out of recycled materials. That’s right. Every office building and music venue in the downtown district was built to be earth friendly inside and out. This means that by shopping in any business within the beautiful downtown section of Market Street, you’re already showing your environmental support. If you’re a business owner scouting a new location with a seal of approval from Mother Earth, you could easily set up an eco-friendly office just a few steps from your Live, Work, Play abode.

Non toxic and biodegradable cleaning products line the shelves of local convenience stores, meaning you can do a spring cleaning overhaul and chip in to save the planet at the same time. If cleaning out your closet just doesn’t fit into your hectic schedule, you can hire Delaware’s professional eco-maid company to take care of things for you. This chemical free cleaning franchise specializes in both residential and commercial cleaning. They’re willing to work with your budget so they can free up some space in your pocket and on your calendar.

Pet Smart off of the Brandywine Parkway in Wilmington loves the planet and your pooch equally. This spring, they launched a line of environmentally friendly, lightweight summer collars to match their eco-friendly leashes. Their earth conscious products range from kitty playing posts to fish food and just about everything in between.

The abundance of eco-friendliness in Delaware is overflowing. Not only was Delaware America’s first state, it was also the first state in America to utilize vehicle to grid technology to harness and store electricity. This energy conserving program was such a success in 2009 that other states like California and Texas attempted it as well. Today, in 2014, Live, Work, Play residents can keep their eyes peeled for even more eco friendly firsts headed to their part of town. For a full list of eco-friendly products near you, contact us at Live, Work, Play.