Delaware didn’t become the first state of our nation by accident. It was named the first state for one pretty obvious reason – it rocks!

Since you live here (even temporarily), chances are you rock too. To prove this, we at Live, Work, Play Wilmington have comprised a list of local events designed to awe and inspire the rock star in you. Whether you’re an electric guitar wielding band member or you simply love taking in a good rock show, Wilmington has a venue that’s perfect for you. Here is the rundown on everything rocking in the area.

Wilmington School of Rock

Image: YouTube

The School of Rock

The Wilmington School of Rock offers artist development from beginner to professional level. With summer just around the corner, superstar parents can send their children to the School of Rock camp where they’ll learn how to bang on the drums or groove out on the bass. After their exhilarating camping experience, they’ll put on a Friday night summer concert. Childless adults with an instrumental interest of their own can get in on the action too. The School of Rock offers adult classes on a wide variety of levels so you can put down the guitar hero controller, pick up a powerful amp and rock out the way you’ve always wanted.

The DuPont Theatre

Take a rock history lesson by watching the DuPont Theatre’s rendition of The Million Dollar Quartet. This classy rock and roll musical is sure to get you in the spirit of all things rock. The Million Dollar Quartet is a critically acclaimed hit that reveals a magical moment in history and features chart topping rock and roll singles from the 1950’s like “Blue Suede Shoes” and “Great Balls of Fire”.

Live at The Baby Grand

Songwriter Hall of Famer/vocalist John Rzeznik will croon with the Goo Goo Dolls crew at The Baby Grand on Wednesday, April 30th. With 20 years of hit making under their belts, they’re sure to deliver a stellar performance that any rock fan would enjoy. The concert is scheduled to conclude at 10 pm, leaving you with plenty of time to stop in at Chelsea’s Tavern before heading home to Live, Work, Play Wilmington.

If you’re up for yet another historically inspired rock event, drop in at The Baby Grand on May 7th to experience the live stylings of Chicago, the rock band that placed at number 13 on Billboard’s Top 100 Best Artists of All Time. Purchasing tickets to their concert will also help raise money for cancer, a cause we can all rock out to. Summer’s finally headed your way so be on the lookout for inevitable outdoor rock concerts, like The Firefly Music Festival taking place in nearby Dover, Delaware. For Firefly ticket information, contact us at Live, Work, Play Wilmington.