As a Live, Work, Play resident, chances are you’ve grown accustomed to the urban chic lifestyle associated with luxury living. Part of the fun of enjoying city living in a five star setting is making over your abode. This spring, we would like to present you with some innovative cleaning options that will help you save space and stay organized.

Rubbermaid closet

Image: Flickr

Whether you’re going all out and fitting your pad for an entirely revamped interior or you’re simply looking forward to packing away your heavy winter gear, there are many local stores to stroll through for the supplies that best suit your spring cleaning needs. Below are just a few suggestions to get you off to an amazing start.

Number 1: Dollar Tree
The Dollar Tree, a discount retail store with just about everything under the sun, has two locations just minutes away from the Live, Work, Play community. Because there are so many shelves full of bargains in this popular chain, the Dollar Tree is the perfect place to start cutting down on your list while cutting back on your budget. Often times, organization supplies such as containers, shoe racks and closet space saving equipment can be found here for a fraction of the price other stores are charging. Discounted cleaning supplies such as furniture polish and all in one cleaners are often available in abundance as well.

Number 2: Target on the Brandywine Parkway
For the full spring makeover, Target on the Brandywine Parkway is the ideal place to begin. Target has a plentiful home goods section, but they also boast rows and rows of unexpected odds and ends such as vacuum cleaner nozzles, dresser drawer sectionals and space saving ottomans with hidden interior storage. If you choose to go this route and don’t find everything you need in Target, drive a few parking lots down and stop in at option three.

Number 3: TJ Maxx
TJ Maxx is the perfect place to pick up where you left off at Target. This enormous thrift shop is filled with unusual furnishing finds that might not be available elsewhere. TJ Maxx is a great option for the bargain shopper who loves to hunt and discover rare finds.

Number 4: Delaware Junk Removal
If you suffer from a hectic lifestyle and an overly cluttered abode, one call to Delaware Junk Removal can take the guesswork and the grunt work out of the spring cleaning process. Delaware Junk Removal is a Wilmington exclusive service that does all the cleaning and organizing for you, so you can focus on other things, like enjoying the spring weather.

There are many more local shops with shelves stocked to the ceiling just waiting to be explored this spring. For more information on Wilmington’s spring cleaning scene, contact a Live, Work, Play representative.