Live, Work, Play Wilmington bargain hunters stand to benefit from a myriad of Wilmington’s shopper friendly services. The city of Wilmington is one of the few national destinations currently offering tax free shopping in addition to significantly low gas prices. Gassing up the minivan and buckling the toddlers in for a day of window shopping and coupon clipping is that much more convenient due to these discount services. Spending a day at the mall doesn’t have to break the wallet, and now, thanks to Café Riviera, grabbing a handmade inexpensive meal while you’re there is also a no-brainer.

Cafe Riviera in Wilmington, DE

Often times, the idea of diluted, overpriced mall food can really put a damper on the shopping experience, forcing many shoppers to make unnecessary stops on their way to the mall. Café Riviera is a refreshing addition to the Concord mall. It serves as a well needed alternative to fast food and prepackaged chain restaurant dishes. Their pizza is enormous, authentic and fresh, but they offer a wide variety of noteworthy dishes from lobster ravioli to zesty, mouthwatering Bruschetta Romano. No canned tomatoes and prepackaged sauces on the menu, just authentic Italian in generous, heaping portions.

One of the best things about Café Riviera is that, much like the city it is housed in, this intimate eatery is like a little surprise to be stumbled over in the heat of the everyday rush. The outside of the restaurant gives a humble, not trying too hard air, but an entirely different experience awaits shoppers who dare to shuffle through the doors. Delawareans have voted Café Riviera the #1 Family Pizzeria in the city for more than 30 consecutive years. The bartenders are friendly, and they make a mean mudslide with a secret ingredient not found elsewhere. Aside from the food, the biggest draw is the café’s elongated list of events.

Café Riviera’s most noteworthy event is the annual Superbowl Buffet. For the bargain price of approximately $12.99 a pop, Live, Work, Play and other local residents can reserve a table for five or twenty or fifty, and view the Superbowl on large plasma televisions, while sampling a buffet that boasts at least fifty different rotating entrees. The dishes range from chicken and macaroni to crab stuffed fishes, beef and pork spare ribs and hand rolled pastas galore. Each year, the friendly staff members adorn buffet goers with prizes. This past year, the prize was a $15 gift card that basically cancelled out the $12.99 per person fee. Finding a better Superbowl deal in any city could prove a daunting task.

Celebrating events is a coveted Café Riviera tradition. Their heart shaped Valentine’s Day pizzas were followed up by Pizza Lover’s Wine parties. You can also reserve a banquet area for upcoming holidays or take advantage of their many catering packages. This enchanting pizzeria always makes good on their deliveries because they’re serving so much more than pizza. For a list of upcoming events in the Concord Mall and a look at the café’s catering menu, contact a Live, Work, Play Wilmington ambassador.