Live, Work, Play Wilmington residents gearing up for the warm weather have a wide variety of places to visit in upcoming months. Due to the convenient location of the Live, Work, Play Wilmington community, an endless list of free daytrips in the form of outdoor activities is now available. In addition to the many museums and the stunning riverfront just outside your door is yet another outside venue with plenty of daytrip potential. Brandywine Creek State Park is a place where streams collide with freshwater marshlands and families and friends gather to stretch their legs and take on wild adventures. Here are just a few of the highlights Live, Work, Play residents can expect from their local wildlife reserve.

Brandywine Creek State Park

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Physical Fitness

14 miles of stretching trails await the fitness enthusiast. Whether you enjoy biking, jogging or speed walking, Brandywine State Park is a spring outlet that can help you prepare your summer physique. For the bicyclers of the city, ambitious mountain bike trails are just minutes from your home. Athletes of all ages and fitness levels are encouraged to participate in The Delaware State Parks Adventure Racing Series which features biking, boating and jogging segments and is proudly celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. A percentage of the proceeds will benefit the promotion of local educational institutions.


Education is a well maintained Wilmington tradition and park goers can get a hands on outdoor experience. The Brandywine Creek State Park is the ideal place for outdoorsmen and outdoors women to learn boating, golfing and fishing techniques in a sunny interactive atmosphere. In fact, all 16 Delaware State Parks sponsor student and teacher programs designed to instill a sense of adventure and a love of nature.


Speaking of adventure, taking a trip to the Brandywine Creek State Park allots you the opportunity to choose your favorite adventure based on the many on-site amenities. There is a surplus of picnic benches, a whole host of camping activities and an interesting sporting event called disc golf at your fingertips. There are even group sledding events designed to keep park goers active all year round.

Brandywine Creek State Park Map

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Brandywine Creek State Park is just one of the many Delaware State Parks in your area. It is a place where you can enjoy boating, fishing, jogging and golfing at your leisure. To learn about upcoming events, or to take a look at what the other 15 parks have to offer, contact a Live, Work, Play Wilmington ambassador.