Hi, I’m Gemma Buckley… and I’m Jack Buckley, owners of the Ninth Street Book Shop, since it’s the official start of summer, here are some great “beach reads.”


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One of our all-time bestsellers is The Book of Joe by Jonathan Tropper. Written with great humor and empathy, it’s about Joe, a now-famous novelist, who returns after a 15-year hiatus to his small hometown, where he must deal with his family, friends and events from the past. And although Jack and I still consider The Book of Joe to be his best, all Tropper’s novels have entertaining plots and characters.

If you think your life is complicated, read The Lonely Polygamist by Brady Udall. Husband to 4 wives and father to 28 children, Golden Richards and his family struggle to find their individuality amid the chaos and sometimes comedy of life in a small Mormon community.

For children there are 2 great books in a series called Into the Field Guide. The first is A Walk on the Beach, that introduces common critters, shells, plants and beachcombing tips. For land-lovers there’s A Walk in the Woods, that covers common animals, trees, flowers, and rocks. Both books are a wonderful way to introduce kids to nature and spend quality time together outdoors.

In The Sports Gene David Epstein, a “Sports Illustrated” contributor, explores elite athletic performances. Do record-breakers and all-stars have genetic advantages or is great performance the result of hard work? This is very readable and fascinating sports science.

What are you waiting for? Walk down to the Ninth Street Book Shop today and pick up one of these great reads!