Live, Work, Play residents seeking an exciting outdoor shopping experience can open their eyes and take a gander outside this Wednesday. Downtown Vision presents a downtown Farmer’s Market for the frugal sidewalk shopper who enjoys a little sunshine on their spree. Now through mid-October, the Wednesday morning spending scene will look a bit more like a summer fair and it promises to be equally exciting!

Farmer's Market

Image: SF Days

When and Where?

The Farmer’s Market will open up shop between 10th and 11th Streets and Market and King Streets, just a skip around the block from your abode. Local vendors will cluster their wares around the square from 10 am until 2 pm rain or shine. The only exception is Wednesday, June 20th when the square will be reserved for the upcoming Jazz Fest.

What’s New and Exciting at the Market?

This Farmer’s Market is a Wilmington, Delaware tradition that pre-dates even some of the most historical sites in the city. Although it is a bit of a tribute to yesteryear, it’s still jam packed with all sorts of new and exciting vendors. Firstly, the infamous I Don’t Give a Fork food truck will be parked along the roadway, eager to serve up their award winning meals. You can also rifle through a wide assortment of handcrafted jewelry, courtesy of Artpratique and Attitude. The Downtown Farmer’s Market is the only place you can score plants, cosmetics, custom artwork, lottery tickets and farm fresh veggies without getting in your car and traveling from place to place. There’s also a refreshing spotlight hanging over the local farmers who sell everything from honey and asparagus to pasture raised chicken and beef.

Downtown Visions is a non-profit organization bent on bringing businesses and communities together to promote an organic and beneficial lifestyle for our Live, Work, Play residents to enjoy. Other non-profits who’ve gotten in on the action include The Wilmington Library and the Food Bank of Delaware. The Farmer’s Market at Rodney Square is the place where tax free shopping meets community bonding and shoppers get their chance to bask in the sun. Long live summer and the time honored tradition of digging up a rare find from a local city sidewalk.

The Farmer’s Market at Rodney Square is only a sneak peek at what Downtown Wilmington has in store for the season. To learn more about the Jazz Fest and other upcoming festivities, contact a Live, Work, Play ambassador.

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