Delaware was the nation’s first state, a virtual magnet for pioneers. Centuries later it hasn’t lost its luster. It still knows how to raise a star. For all of the Live, Work, Play residents daring to dream a little dream, here is a list of some local born celebs ranging from actors to ballplayers, from authors to professional martial artists. These celebrities are living proof that finding fame in Wilmington is a realistic aspiration.

Valerie Bertinelli - Celebrity from Wilmington, DE

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The Movie Stars and Starlets

Save the Last Dance star Sean Patrick Thomas was born and raised just minutes from Live, Work, Play. His list of acting roles ranges from sitcoms to critically acclaimed cinema hits. TV Land’s Hot in Cleveland beauty is none other than native born Valerie Bertinelli. She might have her name on a Hollywood Walk of Fame Star, but her roots are genuinely Delawarean.

Brother, sister duo Elisabeth and Andrew Shue were also both born in Wilmington. Elisabeth took on time travel and martial arts with her roles in The Karate Kid and the Back to the Future series, while Andrew found his niche in the soap opera series Melrose Place and also showed off his athleticism by joining the Bulawayo Highlanders soccer team in their battle for the CBZ Cup. Some stars truly do possess multiple talents! Which lead us into category two…

The Athletes

Baltimore Orioles pitcher Zach Clark has a promising professional baseball career ahead of him. His home team might be Baltimore, but his homeland is undeniably Delaware, specifically – Wilmington, Delaware.

Another notable athlete who was born right here in Wilmington is Cynthia Rothrock. Much like Andrew Shue, Cynthia, who has now retired, straddled between acting conquests and athletic endeavors for most of her Hong Kong based film career. Cynthia is a five time world karate champ with a martial arts talent that was showcased in an elongated list of feature films. Wilmington natives have also made appearances on professional basketball courts, with twin brothers Joey Graham and Stephen Graham joining the ranks of Wilmington-born NBA players.

The Artists

Beginning with Howard Pyle’s 1853 debut, Wilmington Delaware has welcomed many an artist into the world. Platinum recording artist George Thorogood and political analyst/author Stephen Biddle both hail from the heart of Wilmington.

Delaware may be a tiny state, but it certainly packs a powerful punch in the way of birthing and raising influential icons. Famous, native born Delawareans range from astronauts to authors, from actresses to award winning inventors. Delaware celebs have proven they have a knack for the artistic, the revolutionary and pretty much everything in between. To learn more about Wilmington’s rich and famous history, contact us at Live, Work, Play.

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