Live, Work, Play foodies have probably heard of Qdoba, a healthy fast food choice for city dwellers. Their innovative take on Mexican cuisine and nutrition has resulted in millions of Delaware fans. Monday through Friday, between the hours of 11 am and 7 pm, Live, Work, Play residents can take a quick hop, skip and jump over to the local Qdoba on 9th and Market Street, Wilmington to dine in or take out their favorite Mexican dish. From nachos to burritos to heaping taco salads, this eatery goes to great lengths to satisfy any given set of taste buds, but there are still more features to this restaurant than the average eater might be aware of.

Chips & Guacamole

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Qdoba Discounts 

Chicken lovers and local students rejoice; you’re well deserving of a discount and Qdoba is the perfect place for you to find one.  Monday through Friday after 2 pm, any chicken entrée is on sale for just $5.50. Those of you familiar with their portion sizes probably already recognize that as a bargain, but for Qdoba newbies, here’s a hint of what you can expect for your five spot and change: at least one hearty lunch break worthy meal guaranteed to keep you fueled until dinner and probably a second meal comprised of what was left over after you ate the first half and realized you were absolutely stuffed.  If you’re currently in school you can choose to take the student related discount route and take 20% off of any purchase on the menu at any given time of the day or night. These discounts are not to be combined with other offers you might have received elsewhere.

Qdoba Nutrition 

Qdoba’s handy calorie counter lets customers calculate each meal by choosing items from a wide list of options. Children can go healthy too. Each Qdoba kid’s meal has the option of being served with 100% juice, beans, applesauce, 1% milk and/or other nutritious alternatives to the everyday side of French fries. Qdoba’s dedication to excellence begins with nutrition and ends with their diverse menu choices. Their elaborate menu boasts plenty of vegetarian choices, gluten free alternatives and options for allergy sufferers.

Qdoba is one of many popular local eateries in the city of Wilmington, Delaware. Their commitment to promoting a time efficient alternative to traditional fast food has earned them an amazing reputation in the Delaware community. For a full list of Mexican cuisine options near you, contact us at Live, Work, Play.

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