Just footsteps away from The Residences at Harlan Flats and The Residences at Justison Landing stands a 2,500 square foot space that’s truly something to jump up and down with excitement about. Whether you have tiny tots or you’re simply seeking a new fitness alternative, Wilmington, Delaware’s premier trampoline park is a gravity defying spectacular worth witnessing for yourself. In addition to a prime Riverfront location and state of the art jumping pads, this newfound fitness facility also features a wide variety of extreme sporting events, all of which are performed on the trampoline.


Trampoline park

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What to Expect from a Visit to Stratosphere

When you enter Stratosphere in beautiful Wilmington, Delaware, the first thing you should expect is a break away from the monotony of traditional fitness techniques. The second thing you should prepare for is a whole new perspective on gravity or a lack thereof. Stratosphere features a professionally constructed main arena where jumpers can immediately launch into takeoff. For an activity-oriented experience, there is also a dodge ball arena, an aero ball section and a level grounded arcade perfect for resting and socializing. For just $2 you can show the tots a blast by letting them take a spin in the hurricane simulator. No matter what the temperature is outside, this twister experience is guaranteed to brighten up their day.


Pricing and Location

If you’re braving this trampoline park alone, jump rates start at $10 for a 30 minute romp and for $22 you can dive into two full hours of exhilaration. There are special group rates available and serious jumpers, also known as frequent flyers, stand to benefit from a sizeable discount. Stratosphere is an excellent locale for a tiny tot birthday party complete with ice cream, pizza, an hour and a half of jump time and exclusive extras for the birthday girl or boy. Birthday party packages begin at $185 for eight party goers. Stratosphere is located at 510 Justison St, Wilmington, DE 19801, just across the street from the Live, Work, Play community.


Family Friendliness and the Promotion of a Health Driven Lifestyle

Delaware is a small state packing a mighty punch when it comes to family bonding. Health driven, family friendly activities are the very fibers that separate this state from so many others. To learn more about brand new, family-oriented physical fitness facilities in Wilmington, Delaware, contact us at Live, Work, Play.

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