There are lots of benefits to city life, but Wilmington, DE is extra special! Below are seven reasons to call Wilmington home.

1. You Can walk to Work

There are tons of businesses in Wilmington,DE and many famous companies are incorporated here including American Airlines, Apple, Bank of America, Berkshire Hathaway, Cargill, Coca-Cola, Ford, General Electric, Google, JPMorgan Chase, and Wal-Mart. Lots of Banks call Wilmington home including M&T Bank, Bank of America, WSFS and more. With all these big businesses there are also lots of job opportunities.

2. It is a Transportation Friendly City

If you don’t want to walk or take a bicycle you have plenty of transportation options including the trolley, DART bus line. Amtrak and Septa stations right downtown. If you are feeling really adventurous check out the Wilmington Rowing Center and take a trip down the Christina River.

3. The Locals will Welcome You with Open Arms

Wilmington, DE is a melting pot and many of its residents moved here for work. Lots of people are on the same boat and looking to make friends. Delaware may be an east coast city, but its residents are full of mid-western and southern charm! The city is also extremely pet-friendly and encourages residents to move in and bring Fido with their pet-friendly apartments.

4. The Riverfront

With it’s sprawling boardwalk delicious restaurants and stunning views of the Christina River, Riverfront Wilmington is something to see! Take a day and enjoy a festival in Tubman-Garrett Riverfront Park, enjoy The Riverfront Market and then stroll on down to Penn Cinema on the Riverfront for a show.

5. The Restaurants

There is too many restaurants to list when it comes to good food in Wilmington, so we will leave it up to the pros. Check out Good Taste Blog for more information.

6. The Arts 

Wilmington, DE is exploding with creative activity. Its artistic roots start with the DuPont Theater and Grand Opera House. New additions include World Cafe Live, The Delaware Theater Company and Delaware College of Art and Design. 

 10 Reasons to Move to Wilmington DE