Stepping out into a new city means venturing out of the comfort zone of familiarity and entering into a zone of exploration. In a way, this move will bring about a newer, braver you; an individual who not only conquers the unknown, but incidentally embraces it. Those who alter the world and leave a lasting impact have already acquired this attribute and now it’s your turn to join the leaders, the trailblazers and the pioneers. While moving to a new city inevitably comes with a few unpredictable elements, there are many steps you can take during the transition that will make things run more smoothly.


New City

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Step One: Choose Your City Wisely

Depending upon your requirements, your city of choice should not only suit your needs, it should also go easy on the wallet. For beginners, choosing an up and coming city such as Wilmington, Delaware as opposed to an overpopulated option like New York City could save you plenty of money and effort in the long run. This is especially true if you are venturing out with a brand new idea, seeking discovery. Struggling musicians, aspiring entrepreneurs and young edgy talent of every sort line the streets of places like Manhattan, NY and Hollywood, California, often fading away into the background of the masses like flecks of sparkles in a popcorn ceiling. Find a place you can truly shine by giving yourself the opportunity to be seen.


Step Two: Plan out Everything Down to the Tiniest Detail

Think of moving out as an extended vacation and remember the hassle of leaving the tiniest detail overlooked when out of town. For instance, think about how inconvenient it was the last time you traveled and forgot to pack your toothbrush. Now multiply that inconvenience tenfold. That’s what will happen if you forget to price quote your transit. Calculate the cost of travel, transport, rent, commuting, even parking. Is it expensive to park in the new city you’re considering? What are the taxes like? How close will your new apartment be to convenience stores, grocery stores, hospitals, libraries etc… One important element that many new movers overlook is entertainment and recreation. Positioning yourself within close vicinity of entertainment venues and recreational outlets will help you to relax once you’ve settled in.


Step Three: Be Honest with Yourself About Your Finances

The most common mistake of a major city move, or even a vacation for that matter, is reliance on finances you don’t already have. Prior to making the big leap, be certain that you have saved three to six months of future bills and that your paycheck can handle the rent, the car payment and the unexpected. In other words, be prepared to pop a tire or two on your way into this new city and be certain that you’ve chosen a wallet compatible living arrangement.


Step Four: Analyze Apartment Features

When seeking out this new apartment, you should consider the size of the space and how it may relate to the size of the utility bills. Looking into roommate options is a great way to keep costs down. If your beloved puppy is coming along for the ride, a pet friendly community is an absolute must. If you’re a fitness buff, finding an apartment local to fitness options or sporting its very own fitness center is ideal. Sometimes the trim that coincides with this potential new apartment will determine your ultimate decision.

A whole new cityscape awaits you once you’ve adequately prepared to move forward. The excitement of new lights, different scenery and that feeling of independence once you’ve finally packed your bags is an experience within itself. To learn more about finding an apartment in a new city, contact us at The Residences.


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