Not every state has a beach to call its own. Poor Philadelphia residents have to cross bridges and state lines in order to discover a place where the waves roll, the rollercoasters rock and the sand is covered in a swarm of umbrellas. Fortunately, Wilmington residents (whether you be long- or short-term) can spend this summer in one of Delaware’s many stretching beaches. One Wilmington favorite is Rehoboth, a beach with a small town feel and a photo worthy boardwalk. Here are some ins and outs of vacationing at Rehoboth Beach.

Rehoboth Beach

Seek out the Side Street Parking

There are endless little side streets in Rehoboth that require little if any meter change. If you’re driving to the beach and you haven’t managed to drag yourself out of bed before the sun, not to worry. Simply follow the flow of traffic heading toward the beach until you arrive at the circle the swirls around the pavilion, then veer off to your left. There should still be plenty of parking off the main strip and the meter prices are lower there.

Beach Food at its Best

Two of the most noteworthy Rehoboth Beach foods to choose from are Grotto’s Pizza and Thrasher’s French Fries. The piping hot boardwalk fries become even more delicious when smothered in balsamic vinegar which should be readily available at the counter. If you’re planning on eating dinner near the boardwalk, the Purple Parrot and Victoria’s Restaurant are excellent upscale choices. The club-like atmosphere at the Purple Parrot is the perfect partying platform while Victoria’s has a conservative ambience ideal for relaxing. Early risers should venture down the tiny enclave in the center of the boardwalk and visit Café Papillon. Their outdoor dining is superb and their voluminous selection of handmade crepes is like dipping your fork in a tiny bite of heaven.

Beach Passes

You will not be needing those. Rehoboth Beach is totally free to enjoy!


Rehoboth Beach is an excellent place to experience even if you never leave the sand and the boards. Some of the highlights include mini golf, a thrilling horse race inspired carnival game and classic rides like the Tilt a Whirl. Another plus is the sheer cleanliness of the sand and ocean. The litter free beach is awe-inspiring.

Whether you’re residing in Wilmington for the long haul or just temporarily, there are plenty of reasons to head to Rehoboth for some fun in the sun.

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