Wilmington, Delaware is often overlooked as one of the states in the nation that has made a great deal of contributions to the ever-changing world of artistry. Finding fame in Wilmington is actually not at all uncommon!


From actors to painters to movie stars, hailing from the nation’s first state was all part of their trip to Hollywood. Joining in on the adventure is a vast number of sultry songstresses and charismatic crooners – below are some of the most famous singers from Wilmington, Delaware.


Bob Marley

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Bob Marley & Cedella Booker

While Bob Marley was originally born in 9 Mile, St. Ann, Jamaica, both Bob and his songstress mother Cedella Booker along with the vast majority of the entire Marley family have, at one point or another, firmly planted roots in Wilmington. Just recently, the City of Wilmington, Delaware held their 20th annual People’s Festival in honor of the iconic musician. Bob Marley was the voice of hope and change, of peace and revolution. His legacy lives on in Wilmington where many of his kin still reside. It is notable to mention that the legendary Bob Marley was the best-selling musical artist of all time.


George Thorogood

Blues rock vocalist/guitarist George Thorogood introduced himself to the world proclaiming that he was, “Bad to the Bone”. The City of Wilmington, Delaware served as part of the inspiration for Mr. Thorogood and the edgy Delaware Destroyers to went on to enjoy large-scale success through a series of more than 16 studio albums many of which achieved gold and/or platinum status. George Thorogood and the Delaware Destroyers’ most acclaimed singles included their debut release “Bad to the Bone” and their covers of “Move it On Over” and “Who Do You Love?”. Prior to touring with the Rolling Stones and jamming out on Saturday Night Live, George Thorogood attended Brandywine high school and later played semipro baseball for Delaware’s Roberto Clemente league. It is the belief of many critics that George Thorogood brought folk music to the forefront of the American pop scene. George Thorogood – a true multi-talent and a native Delawarean!


DJ Jazzy Jeff

DJ Jazzy Jeff and his compatriot Will Smith were to hip-hop music what George Thorogood was to folk music. This seemingly inseparable pair brought hip-hop to the mainstream in the late 80’s and early 90’s. DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince won the first ever rap Grammy award for their record-breaking musical effort entitled “Parents Just Don’t Understand”. DJ Jazzy Jeff relocated to Wilmington, Delaware from the City of Philadelphia and has been turning tables here ever since.

It’s high time the city of Wilmington, Delaware was recognized for its many musical and artistic contributions. Be on the lookout for rising stars headed your way in the beautiful community near ResideBPG’s Wilmington apartments. Residents of our communities are fortunate to live in close proximity to various music venues in the city. Contact us today for more information on our luxury apartments!

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