Our very own Melinda Bosco, Senior Vice President of Residential Operations at the Buccini/ Pollin Group was included on a panel for the City of Wilmington’s Television series  entitled  Issues. This particular episode addresses  urban growth within the city and the community’s goal of 5,000 residents in 5 years. Other panelist include Council Member Bud Freel (8th District),Professor Raheema Jabbar-Bey (University of Delaware Policy and Planning) and Bob Weir (CEO of NCC Board of Realtors.)


The show is hosted by John Rago (Wilimington, Director of Communications and Policy Development.)



The show will be airing on Channel 22 every day at 9am for the next month as well as the following times:

Monday: 9pm

Tuesday: 2pm

Wednesday: 6pm

Thursday: 9pm

Friday: 2pm, 10pm

Saturday: 5pm, 11pm

Sunday: 3pm, 9pm, 11pm