Regardless to your tastes in music, art, cuisine and literature, there’s one Delaware Festival everyone can appreciate. The citizens of Wilmington, Delaware are in agreement of the fact that it’s never a bad day to celebrate the people who brought you into this world.

They have been there for you from your first steps to your first drive to the first time you packed up those bags and ventured out into the world.

They’ll be there for you through life’s many ups and downs, building foundations, offering support and advice and knowing just what to say to bring a smile to your face.

That’s why the city of Wilmington, Delaware is proud to present Parent’s Day, a noteworthy celebration of family ties. This is the perfect opportunity to give a little piece of yourself to the people who helped you become you are.

Brandywine Creek State Park

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Where to Take your Parents This July 27

There is a wide variety of attractions within close vicinity of your home at The Residences at your disposal. Below are a few daytrip ideas guaranteed to provide a good time for all.


The Wilmington Riverfront

Chauffeur your folks through a stroll down the Wilmington Riverfront and give them the choice of spending time at the Delaware Center for Contemporary Arts, Opera Delaware, Wilmington Rowing Center, Dravo Plaza, Kalmar Nyckel or all of the above. The Wilmington Riverfront houses many exciting restaurants, historical sites and nautical marvels, providing hours and hours of enjoyment. 360 feet of docks are free to the public so entertaining on a budget is also a possibility. Whether fishing, boating, relaxing or taking in a show, your parents will treasure spending time on the Riverfront with you.


Brandywine Creek State Park

Also within close vicinity of Live, Work, Play is the majestic Brandywine Creek State Park. Tumbling streams adorn this 933 acre escape which is perfect for hiking, biking, fishing and picnicking. Pack a sandwich and treat your parents to an outdoor adventure, like the many they treated you to growing up.


The Hagley Museum and Library

235 acres of breathtaking historical territory awaits you on this special day. Share your love of American history with kinfolk at the Hagley Museum. The Hagley is open every day from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM and features a wide array of exhibits for spectators of all ages. There are approximately 73 restaurants just minutes away from this destination making it a tasty and educational choice.

No matter where you decide to travel with your loved ones on this day, Parent’s Day serves the purpose of reminding everyone in Wilmington that the love between parent and child will forever remain unparalleled and special. To find a home in the place where family comes first, get in touch with us at Live, Work, Play.


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