Whether your business is one year young or 50 years strong, it’s never a bad idea to branch out. Understanding the economical landscape comes with the territory of business ownership. Identifying prime locations for business startups and setups is the mark of a true leader. Below you will find five reasons why Wilmington, Delaware is a hidden gem amongst the states for entrepreneurs.

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Why Headquarter Your Business in Wilmington?


Reason One: Business Friendly Financial Laws

Credit card companies, banks and other financial revenue institutions uncovered the many business friendly attributes of Delaware years ago. Companies like the Bank of America, Chase Card Services, ING Direct, Wilmington Trust, and Blue Cross/Blue Shield all have long-standing relationships with the city of Wilmington, Delaware. Delaware has been dubbed a “safe haven” for affluent corporations. Even some of the United Kingdom’s most financially successful businesses are run directly out of the city of Wilmington.


Reason Two: Tax Free

Tax-free shopping isn’t just a consumer luxury. Business owners need to make purchases as well. Taking advantage of Delaware’s tax-free shopping is a great way to save a bundle on business expenses.


Reason Three: Location

Wilmington, Delaware is strategically positioned within reach of many major cities, all the while enjoying the reputation of being a major city as well. The geological elements of Wilmington are a clever combination of rural and urban, nautical and natural and just about everything in between. Philadelphia, New York and Baltimore are all just a short drive away. This means traffic coming in, traffic heading out and a great deal of traffic riding right past your business.


Reason Four: An Open Minded Atmosphere

Wilmington, Delaware truly knows how to show support for local talent. A great deal of Wilmington’s festivals are centered around local artistry and industry. Whether you’re opening up an exciting new restaurant, sculpting soon to be masterpieces in your basement or introducing the world to a brave new fitness routine, this city is sure to support you in your endeavor. Some of the many new businesses already making headlines include:



Reason Five: Diversity

As you can probably tell from above, new Wilmington businesses range from quaint tea shops to sassy food trucks to sophisticated lingerie lines and more. The diverse atmosphere of the city makes it an excellent starting point regardless to your target audience.

When you reside in Wilmington, Delaware, you reap all the benefits associated with starting a new business both on the career front and in your personal life. Get in touch with us at Live, Work, Play to enjoy a tax-free shopping, diversity and a breathtaking landscape in the nation’s first state.

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