Wilmington traffic slowed down to a grinding halt on a legendary mid July afternoon this year.


Bridges and highways were closed. The summer sun reached its zenith, pouring blissful rays out over the city. Some Wilmington residents were steadily making their way to nearby Delaware beaches like Rehoboth, Lewis and Bethany but the main attraction was happening right in the heart of the city as President Barack Obama sunk his teeth into a juicy Charcoal Pit Special surrounded by fans and secret service agents.


The Live, Work, Play community is just an arms’ reach away from the legendary burger joint where the president was served a heaping helping of Delaware’s finest fries.

Charcoal Pit - WIlmington, Delaware

Image: Flickr

The Charcoal Pit’s Mission

For more than five consecutive decades, the Charcoal Pit has strived to provide the masses with, “quality food at affordable prices”. Their take on American cuisine is best described as uncomplicated, classic and most importantly, delicious.


On Thursday, July 17th, as a herd of secret service agents and media representatives shuffled in with the President shaking hands and kissing babies behind them, The Pit’s mission grew slightly more intense. Cameras flashed and autograph requests were hollered out, but the Charcoal Pit staff kept their cool, serving up approximately 13 milkshakes and a multitude of sandwiches with record speed and precision. The president and his many fans dug into their meals. After that it was back to other important business with matters like national infrastructure and job creation at hand.


The President’s Mission

The president’s mission this July was to rebuild a bridge on I-495 that was desperately in need of repair. During his speech he breeched the topic of national infrastructure, placing a strong emphasis on the need for quality employment opportunities and pointing out the link between first class jobs and first class infrastructure. It was a pretty heavy speech that garnered international attention. Fortunately, he didn’t have to perform under all of that pressure on an empty stomach.


Vice President Joe Biden’s Ties to Delaware Eateries

Rumor has it that the President’s tasty pit stop was inspired by none other than Delaware native Vice President Joe Biden. Obama fans are probably well aware of the fact that the President has gone on record calling Five Guys his favorite burger joint. Could it be that VP Joe Biden challenged him to compare and contrast? Who would win out in the war for best burger? Washington DC favorite Five Guys or Wilmington Delaware’s famous Charcoal Pit? Contact us at The Residences and let us know who you think serves up the hottest hamburgers around.

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