Surrounding yourself with enough square feet of space to be comfortable is a luxury everyone should have access to, but comfort, like many other things in life, is often a matter of taste. If you’re currently shopping apartments in or near the Residences in Wilmington, Delaware, referring to this helpful guide we’ve compiled below could cut out the guesswork usually associated with choosing a floor plan.


Bear in mind the fact that floor plans are about more than just one bedroom, two bedrooms, studios, and three or more bedroom accommodations, the layout and size are of equal importance to the number of rooms. Choose the phrase that best describes your needs from the below list in order to get started in your search for a perfect apartment fit.


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Your Needs Include Tons of Extra Space for Sprawling, Studying, Storage or Other

If your lifestyle includes the need sprawl out due to desire or necessity, leasing a three or more bedroom townhouse or apartment is probably your best bet for comfortable living. If this need stems from business or study essentials, you would probably be happiest in an apartment with a den that you can personalize to suit your needs. If you intend to entertain guests on a regular basis or you are moving a large family into a new unit, a large apartment or townhouse with an open floor plan will allow you the space minus the obstacles. Open floor plan dwelling spaces tend to look and feel even larger than they actually are so they are also a great option for people seeking space for storage.


Your Needs Include a Low Maintenance Abode

If you are constantly on the go and living single at the moment, a studio or one-bedroom apartment will not only match your lifestyle, it will also keep the chores down to a minimum. Small spaces are easy to clean and a breeze to maintain. Leasing a studio doesn’t mean you’ll have to compromise on storage. There are many furnishings designed for small space living with hidden storage compartments housed inside of them.


You Are Newly Married or Have Just Moved In with Your Significant Other

If you are currently engaged in a promising relationship that could lead to children down the line, a two-bedroom apartment will give you just the right amount of space to cozy up while keeping your ground covered for the possibility of becoming a parent in the near future. A two-bedroom apartment is also an excellent option for new parents and people in roommate situations.


You Love to Live Up Top

If heights and visual stimulation excite you, you would probably be most comfortable in a trendy loft or sophisticated penthouse apartment. Checking out luxury from up top is a great way to gain a new perspective.


No matter what your needs, there is always a space waiting for you right here in the Live, Work, Play community. Contact us to learn all about life in Wilmington, Delaware.

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