Attention Wilmington cyclists! This September, the can’t-miss event of the year comes to Dover – the 28th annual Amish Country Bike Tour.


For those of you with a taste for culture and a passion for fitness, this event is one to be sure to mark on your calendar (since it’s sure to have plenty of both). This is the first state’s largest cycling event to date, and with the 28th anniversary of the Amish Country Bike Tour taking place in just a few weeks, 2014 promises to be the year of the Delaware cyclist.


25 states will be represented in the event, not to mention a gaggle of New England’s finest riders. Last year, there were more than 2,400 total participants pedaling over the pavements along the stretching Kent County back roads, making various stops for food, refreshments and Amish crafted wares.


Cyclists in Pace Line

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Registration and General Information


The August registration price is $60 for adults, $30 for individuals between the ages of 5 and 16, and children 5 and under ride for free. Cash and credit cards are accepted and the registration cutoff is 4:30 PM on September 3rd.


While the bike ride itself is scheduled to take place on September 6th, participants are invited to peruse local lodging packages and stick around for the entire weekend in order to enjoy the optimal camping, biking and Amish cultural experience. Admission includes a tour map of their many 15, 25, 50, 62 and 100 mile loops, in addition to prizes, giveaways, four food and rest stops, a pie ride to the Amish Schoolhouse and a beautiful after tour picnic catered by Delaware’s best dining establishments.


Amish Horse and Buggy

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Arriving at the Amish Bike Tour


There are several ways to get to the Amish Country Bike Tour from your home in Wilmington or the surrounding area. If you choose to travel by car, it’s best to take 95 South to Route 1 South and merge onto Scarsborough Road via exit 104. From there you will make a slight right onto North State Street and a left onto the Green.


For navigation system purposes, the exact address is 55 the Green, Dover, Delaware.


Adventurous bikers who wish to start spinning their wheels before the race even begins can enjoy a scenic three and a half hour bike ride to Dover via the many back roads. We recommend mapping it out beforehand just to be prepared.


Don’t Forget to Check Out the Legendary Amish Art Loop


The Amish County Bike Tour is scheduled to set off the legendary Amish Art Loop and cyclists are invited to peruse this delightful presentation for free. The Amish Country Bike Tour is yet another event where art and physical fitness intertwine to create something magical for the community. To learn about future cycling events near you, contact us at Live, Work, Play.

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