One of the key benefits to living in Wilmington, Delaware is the fact that all of the excitement of the city is just an arm’s reach away from the many wonders found in the nearby rural regions. Live, Work, Play community members can enjoy city convenience while accessing the many facets farmland has to offer. The Delaware Valley Farm Share is a prime example of a local destination where farmers and small producers get together to harvest the fruits of a community, providing healthy and sustainable food and bringing it back to the city.


Locally Grown Vegetables

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Fresh Fruits Delivered from a Farm to your Cubicle


Whether you’re a business professional, a thriving community member, an educator or a member of a house of worship, signing up to receive the Delaware Valley Farm Share is a simple process that is largely fueled by hard-working farmers and local volunteers. Sustainable shipments of fresh fruits, veggies, eggs and dairy products are packaged and delivered to city professionals at their jobs, at their schools and in their places of worship. The Delaware Valley Farm Share requires a minimum of 20 participants in order to make a delivery but the benefits of digging into totally fresh seasonal favorites are too tempting for many to pass up. If you are a Wilmington, Delaware business owner looking for a new way to inspire employees, opting to support local growers while providing your workers with nutritional lunch options is a great way to go.


The Partnership That Made It All Possible


The Delaware Valley Farm Share is a collaborative effort between Common Market, Philadelphia and Delaware farmers and every day workers and worshipers. These biweekly shipments are said to be yet another wave of the future that Wilmington, Delaware appears to be riding first. These types of sustainable development food markets have been proven to increase health, promote unity and give both the economy and the environment a well needed boost. Going green is a way of life for Wilmington, Delaware residents and Live, Work, Play dwellers are cordially invited to join the movement.


Fun Fact


If you have a vested interest in consuming locally grown food, you are defined as a locavore, an unofficial term made popular by the peaking interest in sustainable development.


The Delaware Valley Farm Share is currently providing more than 1000 local families with farm fresh delicacies. Membership equates to weekly deliveries, a convenient emailed newsletter featuring local farm profiles and much more. To find out about life in Wilmington, Delaware and the many steps that are being made locally in order to promote eco-friendliness, independent business and community outreach, contact us at The Residences today.

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