Living life to the fullest in the Live, Work, Play community doesn’t end at high end amenities and stylish interior touches. These exotic elements are just a tiny taste of what Wilmington City has to offer in the way of luxury. For a full serving of upscale accommodations, a tour of the local five star eateries is definitely in order.


The Residences are surrounded by an array of award winning restaurants so diving into a gourmet dish while you’re out on the town is always an option.


But what if you’re dining in and you have a hankering for home cooking and a loathing for trips to the grocer? Here’s a look at the top local delivery services that feature high quality pre-portioned ingredients and recipes that are fast and easy to follow.


Seafood, Peas, and Black Beans

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Plated— for the eco-conscious eater



If you love the thought of a home cooked meal but you simply don’t have the time to shop for groceries and rifle through recipe books, Plated is a totally eco-friendly and socially conscious establishment that takes the guesswork out of meal prep. Plated, a company that regularly offers charitable contributions to organizations like Teach for America, simplifies the home cooking process, cutting prep time down to approximately a half an hour per meal. Participants need only visit the Plated web site, choose a recipe that suits their taste and enter the number of plates they intend to serve for dinner. Once the necessary choices have been made, Plated will bring the ingredients directly to your door with premeasured portions so following the recipe won’t require any cutting, chopping or squeezing on your part.


Blue Apron— for the frugal foodie who may have dietary limitations


While not quite as eco-friendly as Plated, Blue Apron offers their plates for approximately $3 less than their shopping and portioning competitor even after the Plated membership discount is applied. Their meals are equally fresh and carefully sealed. Their ordering form is easy to use and those with dietary limitations need only click a box to insure that their meal is free of whichever product they would have no use for. For example, there is a checkbox for vegan, a check box for no beef, etc…


This new trend in eating in is gaining momentum fast. Stay in touch with us at Live, Work, Play to hear more about food trends making their way to your city

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