If you’re planning a fall 2014 move-in to a luxury apartment near Philadelphia, chances are you’re experiencing angst and excitement simultaneously. The rush of moving into a brand new apartment community is only further enhanced when the space you’re renting in the city is genuinely pristine such as the residences at Harlan Flats in Philly’s sister city of Wilmington, Delaware.


Leasing for fall of 2014 means enjoying a wide range of upscale amenities such as pet friendliness, a breathtaking view of the Riverfront, a sparkling pool and a sought after city location that’s packing twice as much luxury as a Philly apartment for half the price. The only problem is getting your precious belongings from point A to point B unscathed. No problem at all. Below you will find your guide to making that pivotal move.


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Step 1: Pre-Moving Prep Work


No matter where you’re moving from, finding boxes for free should be a relatively simple task. The best places to visit for free plus sized moving boxes are:

  • Liquor stores
  • Book stores
  • Schools
  • Office supply stores

If you’re extremely crunched for time, you can also opt to purchase boxes from the same company you’re using to haul your goods. This will cost a bit of cash but you’ll save time by killing two birds with one stone. Choosing a moving company that’s both safe and cost effective is a zip as well. You can find details in Step 2.


Another step in the pre-moving prep process is locating a suitable cleaning service to make sure your new abode is in spit spot shape. Delaware has a wide variety of available cleaning services that are more than accommodating for new movers. The Maids of Wilmington utilizes environmentally friendly, odor free products that work perfectly for earth conscious movers and anyone who has allergies. Of course, the Harlan Flats Apartments have never been lived in before you, so this measure is at the mover’s discretion.


Step 2: Making the Move with the Right Company


U-Haul has been rated the #1 moving company in America by consumers, and their reputation continues to go unmatched. If you’re seeking a full service move however, the slightly more expensive company Allied Van Lines features full service moves which include but are not limited to corporate relocation.


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Step 3: Locating a Doggy Daycare


If you’re bringing your favorite furry friend along for the adventure, it might be in your best interest to locate a doggy or kitty daycare ahead of time. This step will save you a headache not just during the moving process but once you’ve been home long enough to take a vacation. Dogtopia and Dog Dayz are two notable local facilities who will pamper your pet for as long as need be. Camp Bow Wow in Wilmington will take that one step further by offering in-house services such as walking, training, even camping for your lovable pal.


Once you’ve gotten comfortable in your new luxury apartment in Wilmington, you can stay up to date with us at Harlan Flats for more tips on interior design, city nightlife, travel and convenience.

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